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Michelle W from New Baltimore MI writes--
It is my honor and privilege to write a recommendation on behalf of Linda Martin and ABC’s & 123’s Home Daycare in New Baltimore. In August 2009, I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl. At 3 days old I was told that for the first year of her life, she would have to be in harness and braces due to a hip issue. Then at two weeks old, I found out that my daughter had acid reflux and was a colic baby. I knew that I needed to find care for her that would have to surpass any expectation that I had as a day care provider. So I went in search of someone I thought would be impossible to find. My search took me on several interviews and appointments which seemed to be a waste of time. Then, I found Linda. When I went to her house for the first time I was finally able to be at ease in my search. Her house is was clean, her education and credentials were outstanding and second to none, her voice showed compassion and the look in her eyes was nothing but love for the children she currently had and the ones she had in the past. I thought I was dreaming for a second, then my daughter doing what she did best at the time, began to scream. I apologized to Linda and instead of her saying it was ok, she did something I never expected, she asked if she could hold her and my daughter stopping crying and I began to cry. The moment she took my daughter into her arms, I knew that I had found the someone who I had hoped and dreamed of for my daughter. I knew then and there my exhausting search was over. Her compassion didn’t just stop at day one, at 19 months old my daughter needed surgery due to her hip and was in a body cast for seven and a half weeks. We were scrambling to find someone to watch her so we didn’t disrupt Linda’s program. Linda would not have it that way. We took our daughter there every day and Linda cared for her without hesitation. My daughter is seven years old and still goes to Linda. Linda over the years has been so much more than someone to watch my daughter, she is a friend and one of the best educators for children I have ever met. She doesn’t just teach them colors, she teaches them how to be leaders, good listeners, good helpers, good to each other, how to respect others and how to be good little human beings. 

I cannot say enough about Linda and her business. Linda treats every child like her own. Linda didn’t just educate my daughter, she educated me on how to be a better parent. How many people can say that about their daycare provider? My guess is, like Linda, I stand alone in that aspect. I am truly the lucky one and can say that in seven years NOT ONCE did I ever doubt her, her decision making or her advice....

Angela F from New Baltimore writes- "Linda and her staff at ABC's & 123's daycare have given me and my two kids a wonderful, caring, and educational experience:  We love them and highly recommend this daycare provider because they always go above and beyond for our kids.

Lynn K from New Baltimore writes- Going to Linda's childcare center might have been one of the best decisions I have ever made as a parent.... I was impressed by the cleanliness and organization.  I also love how accommodating she was with my schedule... My son became more confident and excited around his peers....I really believe it was the encouraging home environment that she provided for him that made the difference.  If you are looking for a clean, educational, loving daycare in the New Baltimore are, there is no better.

Erica T from New Baltimore writes-- I have been using Linda's daycare for about 5 years for my two daughters, I could say so many great things about Linda and her daycare.  It's  a great environment for my children when they cannot be with me!